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So happy you stopped by! Did you know all of my handmade products are made by me right here in New York City (Long Island City to be exact, it's a neighborhood in Queens). Most of my handmade line is made to order so it can take time ship your order. My personalized line is also made to order, while I don't make the dinnerware, it's made in Eastern Europe, I do all the personalization and artwork right here in the USA.

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  • Hand Made and Painted

    Nothing in this line is alike. Each vase, each bowl is a bit different from the next. It's my personal antidote for the need for perfection.

  • Personalized

    It all started back in 2006 with my Birch mugs, they remain a huge customer favorite. Designed to last fads so you can celebrate year after year.

  • Black Porcelain Drink table with Lobster Swirl

    Drink Tables

    I adore these puppies. Why, because you don't have worry about putting a hot or cold drink on the surface. They are the perfect height for sitting and sipping.

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